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Hanging mobile art by
visual artist Jeroen de Nijs

Kinetic sculptures
by visual artist
Jeroen de Nijs

“I try to create a subtle poetic story. An aesthetic object bringing joy and playfulness”

Kinetic art | Hanging mobile art | Midcentury Modern | Utopia Mobiles | Jeroen de Nijs

Hanging Mobiles


I try to create a subtle poetic story. An aesthetic object bringing joy and playfulness to the interior.

Objects of joy.
Even in an abstract manner, I like the way they have a narrative. Could they represent little funny creatures in a lush environment? Gently coming alive with a breeze.

Airy and playful, for me they represent the spirit of a living area

hand-made Kinetic Sculpture

Midcentury modern Playfulness

My mobiles are handmade with great care for detail.
Slowly… sanded, rounded, painted, balanced and assembled by hand. The shapes are made of wood. Poplar plywood, beech, or Balsa wood. The hand-bent iron rods are galvanized steel (having a grey, blueish-worn finish) or shiny stainless steel. I make them in small badges. But each one is unique in its finish.

I use wood because it’s warm and Fen Shui in the living space. 

Me in studio

Jeroen de Nijs

Searching for Utopia

Before going to art school, I was already fascinated by the playfulness of the modernist artist around the 1920s-1940s like Matisse, Miró, Calder, and Duchamp who had this strong believe and desire to envision a better world.

Besides art and design, I just love nature and meditation. How it can create feelings of joy and get you into a special kind of state. More energized, yet light at heart.

In my small paintings, I searched for abstract ways to picture “Utopia”. See old work
It was later that I realized that kinetic art objects like mobiles are perfect objects to represent and transmit these feelings of effortless joy and playfulness. 

A play of shape, colors, and movement.

Playing & enjoying life

Joie de Vivre


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